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“It’s puffy and lightweight.”

It’s probably your first impression when receiving RatherThis packages. 

We deliver your favorite products in high-quality bubble-lined mailers.

What are bubble-lined paper mailers?

Bubble-lined paper mailers or bubble mailers are cushioned envelopes that provide extra protection and support during mailing or shipping.

The exterior is often made of heavy paper or paperboard, and the padding is bubble wrap, newsprint, or another filler material.

RatherThis Bubble Mailers

Are bubble-lined paper mailers recyclable?

Yes and no, depends on where you reside.

Here at RatherThis, we use high-quality bubble mailers that consist of multiple components, typically of recyclable LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) #4 plastic and paper.  

Today, many recycling centers and retail stores that have made themselves available as a drop-off center for these more difficult to recycle plastics such as bubble roll, plastic bags, and plastic films from the packaging. 

To find a drop-off location for your plastic bags and plastic wraps nearest you, use the zip code locator at

What if I lived in Portugal?

You can visit this official government website to figure out how to deal with general recycling and garbages. 

Can I separate the plastic out of the paper?

Yes, you can. 

However, it’s difficult to separate the inner bubble wrap layer and the outer paper envelope layer completely. 

In many cities, bubble mailers are non-recyclable and banned from standard curbside recycling bins

Their high tensile strength causes them to get caught and tangled in the machinery of recycling facilities, which can damage equipment and even cause worker injuries.

What should I do with the bubble mailer then?

Check with your local authority

Different countries have different recycling policies. Please contact your local councils to be advised accurately.

Check with your post office or local supermarkets

Several post office buys and uses some recycled materials and also provides recyclable mailers for purchase at some locations.

Many packaging stores (like UPS) may also accept padded envelopes. Check with the local office to find out for sure.

If your local post office and supermarkets won’t accept the materials, they may still be able to recommend other recycling locations.

Bubble wrap isn’t like a plastic bottle, please do not recycle it like one.

18 Creative Ways That You Can Repurpose the Bubble Mailers

  1. Use them as storage for small items such as gift cards, jewelry, receipts, bills, Christmas ornaments, etc.
  2. Knee protector pads to prevent your knees from getting dirty or scuffed while doing gardening or working in the garage, etc. 
  3. Use them butt protector pads while sitting in the parks, sports events, library, etc.
  4. Offer them to your friends, family, neighbors, small business owners, non-profit, community organizations 
  5. Give it to the kids, schools, local art centers, etc. for art projects
  6. Protect sensitive plants from cold weather 
  7. Pack fragile items such as china when moving
  8. Reuse it as a packaging material for shipping your goods
  9. Cushion breakable items in storage at your facility
  10. Use it to protect your Kindle or Tablet
  11. Store Camera SD Cards in it
  12. Use it to pack razors for trips
  13. Bring it with you to the Beach to hold Beach Rocks and Treasures
  14. Tape it up and reuse it to mail something
  15. Use it as a Drink Cozy
  16. Store the tiny screwdriver and screws for repairing your eyeglasses, laptop, electrical devices
  17. Bubble Mailer as the New Coffee Can—Store your $100 Bills (write “Tampons” on it so no one gets too curious)
  18. It’s a great place to stash your weed

More ideas, share with us below in the comment section.

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