Every ten brushes sold, a new tree comes to life

Help Portugal fight against severe fire that destroys tens of thousands of hectares of forest every summer.

RatherThis has more meaning than you thought

By using our bamboo-based toothbrushes, not only will you help reduce the dangerous amounts of plastic waste flowing into our oceans, but you will also help reforest the Algarve region of Portugal, which has become severely deforested and affected by wildfires.

Image source: reforestaction.com

Why should we plant forests?

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Because forests are the best solution for climate and biodiversity

Our CO2 emissions are responsible for climate change. We must reduce and compensate them without further delay. Did you know that a life’s CO2 emissions can be offset by planting a forest of about 5,000 trees (and much less after reducing its emissions)? If everybody reduces his emissions and leaves her/his individual forest behind, the impact on the climate will be visible very quickly!

Help us plant a forest to have a tangible impact on the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the life of animals and plants.

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3 major benefits of planting forests


Tree are natural air purifications as they take in CO2 from the air and turn out oxygen.


Creates millions of jobs within Portugal and worldwide.


Creates shelters for animals and strengthens environmental efforts.

How does it work?

You’re making an impact towards the planet with RatherThis! Here’s how.