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Discarding a bamboo toothbrush does require a little more effort compared to a plastic one. But it’s very simple and could be done within a few minutes. 

We’re proud of how far you’ve gone on the journey of going green and living better. 

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Bamboo Disposal

How to dispose of the bamboo toothbrush

What you will need

  1. A pair of pliers 
  2. A dry flat surface (or a tray, a chopping board, a towel, etc.)
  3. Something to trap the bristles (old aluminum foil, old plastic containers, old plastic sandwich bags, etc.)
  4. A space with no wind

How to remove the bristles

#1 Snap the head off

Step 1: Use the pliers to grab the bamboo handle by the neck

Step 2: Snap it off

Step 3: Dispose of the bristle head in the plastic recycle bin

#2 Pluck the brisles out (recommended)

Make sure you are in a closed space so the wind doesn’t blow and scatter the bristles everywhere

Step 1: Place the used bamboo toothbrush on a flat surface

Step 2: Pluck one bunch of bristles out at a time with a slight rolling movement (avoid pulling them all at the same time). 

Now you should have a pile of bristle filaments, tiny metal staples (used for clamping the bristles to the bamboo holder), and a naked bamboo stem 

How to deal with the rest

#1 The staples

The staples used to retain the bristles in place are tiny squares of aluminum and are recyclable with most recycling collection services. 

We suggest wrapping the tiny bits of aluminum in old foil to keep them from being scattered

Where it goes: recycling bins dedicated to metal. For Portugal, use Amarelo ecoponto (the Yellow bin)

#2 The bristles 

These skinny thin bristles are hard to recycle on their own since they’re too small to be recycled.

We recommend to place them in an old plastic container and keep them with you till you fill them up with more future used bristles

Where it goes: recycling bins dedicated to plastic. For Portugal, use Amarelo Ecoponto (the Yellow bin)

#3 The bamboo handle

Discard the bamboo handle as any biodegradable items in a compost bin, a bio-waste bin, any similar home system, or in your garden

Learn how to make a home compost here.

Where it goes: compost bins dedicated to organic/green waste.

A tip to compose it faster

Use a hammer to break the bamboo into pieces. 

Industrial grade composters will be able to compost bamboo handles within weeks. 

How long does it take for the bamboo to biodegrade?

Within 6 months. We recommend reusing this high-quality bamboo stem.

Upcycle and repurpose the bamboo toothbrush

For a second life

Boil your used bamboo toothbrush to sterilize and it’ll be ready for another application:

Garden marker: label your plants effortlessly 

Firewood: fireplace, camping, or picnics 

Multipurpose cleaning brush

  1. For sports: shoes, sneakers, bike chain, etc.
  2. For hard-to-reach bathroom
  3. For birdcages, animal cages, etc.
  4. For the kitchen, cooking utensils
  5. For tiles, basins 
  6. For your electrical items: laptop keyboards, the vent of hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, electrical fans, etc. 
  7. For nail: if you do gardening

Toys for budgies (pearches, chew sticks, etc.) Make sure you eliminate the water-based coated paint

For kids: Be creative with art projects, local art center etc.

Bottom line

We recommend properly dispose of the bamboo toothbrush and upcycle it if possible. There are many ways this eco-product would benefit you even if they’re no longer can help you clean your teeth.

Keep the 4Rs of recycling in mind: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Please share your tips and advice in the comment sections below. 


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