Your first step to becoming an Eco-warrior

Our oral hygiene routine contributes to the world’s plastic pollution crisis. It’s time for a change!

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Eco-warrior RatherThis

What is an Eco-warrior?

An eco-warrior is someone who spends a lot of time working actively for environmental causes.


Think about this.

“Do you want the first thing you touch every morning, is a piece of plastic?” Oh, perhaps before you go to bed, too.


Is the number of plastic toothbrushes consumed by 7.53 billion humans each year.

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Roughly of these plastic toothbrushes end up in the sea, where they pose a risk to marine life and habitats.

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Is the number of toothbrushes we’ll replace in our lifetime.


Is the number of years a plastic toothbrush will take to decompose.

Our Visions

Together, we can transform the Ordinary into Extraordinary.

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Our Logo

Vertical or horizontal, it has different meanings!

Designed in Portugal during a global pandemic crisis

Inspired by the EU Green Capital, Lisbon, RatherThis decided to take part in this ambitious project.

With the convenience brought by digital commerce, now you can sit home and order your favourite sustainable products without having to enter a brick-and-mortar shop. Save energy, time, effort and plant trees.

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RatherThis is on a mission.

Just by its name. “Would you rather choose natural made over plastic?”. Have this question in mind every time you decide to make a purchase.

Small habits make a big environmental impact. 

plant a tree

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We’re happy to receive brutally honest advice and ideas from your intellectual mind.

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